Vocal Accent is an all-female a cappella group at RIT that was formed in 2009.

RIT's Vocal Accent is an all female a cappella group created in 2009 at the Rochester Institute of Technology located in Rochester, NY.

Current Members

Name Main Voice Part Leadership Position Graduation Year
Karin Allen Alto I 2014
Cheleen Burke Soprano II 2014
Lisa Castore Soprano II 2017
Margot Dayton Alto I 2016
Laura Geosits Soprano II 2016
Danielle Howe Alto I 2014
Raelynn Janicke Alto II Business Manager 2016
Katie Lambe Soprano I Music Director 2015
Sarika Matthew Soprano II 2014
Megan Minucci Alto II 2016
Megan O'Connor Alto I 2017
Madeline Rizzo Soprano I 2015
Rose Rustowicz Soprano II 2015
Michelle Sason Alto I General Manager 2016
Sydney Weaver Soprano I 2016


  • Laura McGowan
  • Susie Keenan
  • Emily Ziemba
  • Erin Layer
  • Becky Irwin
  • Sarah Hannon
  • Meredith Brockington
  • Jenn Leone
  • Alissa Creno
  • Brigit Rohrbaugh
  • Cheleen Burke
  • Shelby McGeorge
  • Alex Atzl
  • Kiki Dent
  • Jenna Riccardi
  • Stefanie Ding
  • Jackie Steciuk


Accentastic: Vocal Accent's annual show that features two guest groups. The show normally is at the end of April.

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