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User:AXL6308 - RITpedia
Name Angelica
Gender Female
Birthday Libra
Country United States
College National Technical Institute for the Deaf and College of Liberal Arts
Department(s), Committee(s), Club(s), Group(s), & Organization(s) Position(s) Membership Duration
NTID Student Congress NSC's Archive Volunteer 2013 to present
RITpedia Editor & Contributor 2011 to present
Student Government By-Laws Review Committee NTID Student Assembly Representative 2011, 1 month
NTID Student Congress Student Body By-Laws Revision Committee Chairperson 2010-2011
NTID Student Life Team's Assistant Director Search Committee Member 2010-2011
NTID Student Assembly Parliamentarian 2010-2011
Hispanic Deaf Club's Quinceañera Banquet Committee Volunteer 2010, 2 months
NTID Student Life Team Community Student Advocate 2009-2010
Laboratory Science Technology Club NTID Student Assembly Representative 2008-2009

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