Tiger's Next Top Model
Abbreviation TNTM
Recognition September 2011
Type Tiger Media's Model Department
Producer Zachary Bridgett
Advisor Heather Smith
Meetings Tiger_Media
Email TNTM@tigermedia.tv
Website http://www.tigermedia.tv/

Tiger's Next Top Model is affiliated with Tiger Media. Tiger's Next Top Model provides an experience that allows for all to be involved in modeling both behind the scenes and in photos and on the runway including the NTID/RIT community. We showcase various members of the NTID/RIT community through photography on Facebook.


  • To promote creativity
  • Passion for the community and giving back to the community
  • Gain experience in many different media fields including acting
  • Network with others who are interested in the same thing
  • Participate any events

We all have a passion to be the best in what we love to do and have a fun learning experience through our work.


Before Tiger Media was founded, this organization was formerly known as Student Communications Center.

Executive Board

Executive Board
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Tiger Media 2015-2016
Producer Zachary Bridgett
Executive Assistant TBA
Director of Photography TBA
Director of Modeling TBA
Production Assistant TBA
Student Advisor TBA
Alumni Advisor TBA
Faculty Advisor Heather Smith
Co-Faculty Advisor Richard "Smitty" Smith

Presidents/Vice Presidents

Years Producer)
2012-2013 Sammi Shupe
2014-2015 Breana Chandler
2015-2016 Zachary Bridgett

Future Hosting Events


Hosted Events

  • The Color Red - Tiger's Next Top Model (Cycle 8 - Final Runway) - February 15, 2013
  • N.E.O.N - Tiger's Next Top Model - Cycle 9 Runaway - May 10, 2013
  • Tiger's Next Top Model - Cycle 10 Runaway - November 22, 2013


Participated Events



  • April 13, 2013: Award from Deaf International Student Associate (DISA) for "Their patience and hard work"
  • May 9, 2014: Award from NTID Community for outstanding performance and lasting contribution to NTID Community.

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