Surround Sound is an all-male a cappella group at RIT that focuses on a mix of barbershop and contemporary arrangements. The group began in 2001 as somewhat of a pick-up group known as Random Acts of Music, or RAM. In 2002 they changed their focus, and became an organized a cappella group known as Surround Sound.

Current members

Ian Morency General Director, 4th year - Biomedical Engineering Tenor*, Lead, Baritone

Nick Taber 1st year - Information Technology Tenor

Michael Palmer 1st year - Mechanical Engineering Tenor

Gabriel Marcano 3rd year - Software Engineering Tenor*, Lead

Brett Slabaugh 4th Year - Computer Science Lead

Ming-Chun "Kevin" Kong 2nd year - Business Lead*, Baritone

Isaac Banner 3rd Year - Computational Math and Computer Science Lead

Nick Cote 4th year - Game Design and Development Lead*, Baritone, Bass

Will Dougherty 3rd year - Software Engineering Tenor, Lead, Baritone*

Jeff Barker 1st year - Computer Engineering Baritone

Zach Moxley Co-Music Director - 3rd year - Electrical Engineering Lead, Baritone*, Bass

Neil Guertin Co-Business Director - 2nd Year - Computational Math Bass

James Haefner 2nd Year - Chemical Engineering Bass

Andrew Litfin 1st Year - Game Design and Development Bass


The Really Big Show

Surround Sound hosts an annual concert known as the Really Big Show. Typically a number of guest groups from a variety of other schools are invited to perform at this concert.


Every year, Surround Sound and the Brick City Singers put on a joint show in January. Expect lots of fun, lots of love, and a beautiful duet between the groups!

Afternoon Delight

On May 5, 2007, Surround Sound hosted a special concert with Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm as guest performers.

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