Student Government Senate
SGLOGO official.jpg
Chair (Vice President) Tyler Pierce
President Pro Tempore Peter Ryan, Jr.
Voting members 19
Non voting members 15
Last election October 10, 2014
Meeting Location
Location Campus Center (building 03) Bamboo Room
Time 1:00PM - 3:00PM
consistency Weekly; every Friday

The Student Government Senate is one of the three Governance Groups apart of Rochester Institute of Technology. Student senate is the official legislative assembly for Student Government. The members of the Student Senate are charged with addressing issues and concerns of the student body. All senate meetings are open, and are publicized to the RIT Community, with the exception of a closed session deemed appropriate by the chair.

Meetings are once a week, every Friday from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM, excluding university recess, winter intersession, and summer term. Senate meetings are guided by Robert's Rules of Order, and are organized by the Student Government Charter, and the SG Bylaws.

Chair of Senate

Similar to the United States Senate, the chair of the Student Government Senate is the Vice President of Student Government for that academic year. The Vice President is responsible for bringing business to the table. In the absence of the Vice President, the President Pro Tempore would fill in as chair of senate. During senate, the Vice President is assisted by the Student Government staff assistant to take minutes, and document all voting counts/quorum.

As a tradition, there is a gavel from the previous Student Directorate that is passed down to each Vice President every year to use in delegation for the meeting.

Members of Senate

Student Government Senate currently seats 35 members at the table. Each member of the Executive branch, and the Legislative branch sit at the table. Each Major Student Organization selects one person to sit at the table and represent their organization as well. There is also non-voting reps from each of the two other governance groups Academic Senate, and Staff Council.

Executive Branch (Non-Voting)

All members of the Student Government cabinet are required to sit in at senate, however none of them have a vote on business. The president has the power to veto all senate legislation. If legislation is not vetoed within six working days, it shall be considered approved. The Vice President shall vote at senate in the instance of a tie.

  • President veto power
  • Vice President Tie-breaking vote
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Programming
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Director of Services
  • Director of Clubs & Organizations
  • Director of Student Relations
  • Director of Operations -not yet officially passed by senate

Legislative Branch (Voting)

The legislative branch consists of all academic and community senators. There are currently 14 senators, 10 of which are academic senators, and 4 of them are community senators. All senators have one vote each at senate. At the beginning of every academic year, senate must also elect a President Pro Tempore from the current group of senators.

Academic Senators

Community Senators

Major Student Organizations

Representative Student Organizations (Voting)

Service Student Organizations (Non-Voting)

Other Members (Non-Voting)



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