Student Environmental Action League
Abbreviation SEAL
Recognition 1993[1]
Type Environmental
Co-President Becky Bailey
Co-President Jesse Powers
Vice President Richard Latham
Treasurer Gabe Pendleton
Secretary Preeti Vaidya
Advisor Josh Goldowitz

Student Environmental Action League (abbreviation: SEAL) is a club that promotes and participates in environmental education, projects, and events throughout the campus and within the community.


SEAL is annually involved in a number of environmentally-focused events, including an E-Cycling Collection and Auction event, the Greentopia festival in downtown Rochester, and in the past has hosted environmental summits of interested students and community members. SEAL has also coordinated with other environmental groups, like Engineers for a Sustainable World and The Wells Project, to host events.


Years President/Co-President
2003-2004 Brian Hoffmire[2]
2004-2005 Kate Cassim[3]
2005-2006 Keith Neijstrom[4]
2010-2011 Stephen Kean
2011-2012 Rebecca Bailey & Jesse Powers


Years Advisor
2003-Present Josh Goldowitz[2][3][4]


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