Sarah Gordon was the 36th President of the NTID Student Congress. She is the first president of NSC to relocate the office space at Student Development Center. Gordon previously served as a Doves Club president.

Presidential campaign

Election Results

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NTID Student Congress President/VP Candidates 2006-2007 Votes Percent
Sarah Gordon/Kamau Buchanan 235 60.2 %
Corey Axelrod/Stephen Wille 152 38.9 %
Louis Labriola 1 0.25 %
nobody 1 0.25 %
Adam Baker 1 0.25 %
TOTALS 390 99.85 %


Executive Board

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NTID Student Congress 2006-2007
President Sarah Gordon
Vice President Harold "Kamau" Buchanan
Director of Academic Affairs Avi Haimowitz
Director of Communications Christine Ong[1]
Programming Director Michelle Koplitz
Assistant Director of Programming Jonathan LeJeune Programming Assistants Danielle Woodward & Fernando Guzman
Finance Director Juan Rodriguez
Executive Assistant Stephen Persinger
Administrative Advisor Alim Chandani
Crew (unofficial)
Art Director Ann Carney
Art Assistant Ashley Radonski
Webmaster Tamer Mahmoud
Videographers David Monahan, Greg Beattie, Olu Shodeke, Katie Cue, & Adam Nadolski
Photographers Taryn Peterson, Chris Brenangan, & Alana Holmberg
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RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend Chairperson Michelle Gerson
BrickFest Chairperson Charles Sterling
Election Chairperson
Award Chairperson

NSC's Accomplishments 2006-2007


Hosted or Co-Hosted

  • Academic Surveys
  • Blue/Orange Ribbons for Gallaudet Protest
  • Spirit Workshops for faculty/staff
  • Gallaudet Forum
  • Lisa Lampanelli Forum[2] [3]
  • Access Service Appreciation Day



  • NSC Brochures
  • NSC website
  • Little NSC (traditional)
  • Jaywalking video to educate the freshmen about NSC
  • NSC Retreat
  • Worked closely with DAS (
  • Mr. and Ms. ROAR Guidelines (new)[4]


Hosted or Co-Hosted

  • Move-In Party
  • NSC T-shirt Design Competition
  • CSD Student Development Center Dedication Ceremony
  • Revamped Pulse Happy Hour and Pep Rally events
  • Spirit Contests (Door decoration, Spirit skits and Star decoration)
  • Assigned all office spaces
  • Photographed and filmed NTID community events and activities
  • RHA BBQ event (new)
  • Spirit Awards
  • Quarter in Review and Year in Review videos
  • 36th Annual NTID Banquet: A Night at the Oscars


  • NTID Community Retreat with Student Life Team department
  • ORANGE breakFEST with Student Government during Spirit Week


  • ROARin' with NSC event (traditional)
  • October event: Road Into Terror (traditional)
  • November event: Phatsgiving (traditional)
  • World As One event (traditional)
  • February event: It's Getting Hot In Here (new)
  • NTID Star Search event (traditional)
  • Won our trophy back from RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend 2007
  • BrickFest 2007


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