Down the Quarter Mile from the academic side of campus lie the Residence Halls. Currently RIT has 4 High Rises including Mark Ellingson Hall, Sol Heumann Hall, Nathaniel Rochester Hall, and Kate Gleason Hall. Branching off of these buildings are the Low Rises. There are 9 Low Rises and they include Frances Baker Hall, Eugene Colby Hall, Helen Fish Hall, Carleton Gibson Hall, Peter Peterson Hall, and 4 Residence Halls that don't have names. Those are Residence Hall A, Residence Hall B, Residence Hall C, and Residence Hall D.

Special Interest Housing

Some floors of the Residence Halls are dedicated to special interest groups. The entire floor is grouped together by a common interest and then that floor becomes a Special Interest House. RIT has 7 Special Interest Houses which are


It's worth noting that underneath the Residence Halls are a series of tunnels that connect from Grace Watson Hall (which is not a Residence Hall) and then over to the Hettie L. Shumway Dining Commons and the Lyndon Baines Johnson Hall. Within these tunnels there are laundry rooms, meeting rooms, Sol's Underground-an eatery and convenience story, the Corner Store, and the Residence Halls Association also has an office located near Grace Watson Hall.

Student Population

As of right now, there are 1,748 rooms contained in the Residence Halls with 3,476 students living there. [1]


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