Residence Hall D
50C RHD.jpg
Name Residence Hall D
Building Number 50C
Abbreviation RHD
Zone H-5

Residence Hall D (formerly Alexander Graham Bell Hall) is Building 50C. The residence hall only occupies the second floor of the building, while the first floor is used for Margaret's House, the on-campus daycare. The building is connected to Peterson Hall and is part of the EPD quad. The building is also attached to the tunnel system. It features one lounge, and is an all-male mainstream floor. The building is equipped with air conditioning and the lounge and hallways were renovated in the summer of 2014.

When the building was dedicated in 1979 it was named for Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone and an advocate for deaf education. The Alexander Graham Bell Association was and remains a partner of NTID in deaf education. In 2008, after increasing pressure from NTID students and faculty who felt that Bell's strong opposition to sign language was contrary to the Institute's philosophy, RIT removed Bell's name from the hall.[1]

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