View ItStudent Alumni Union, Cafeteria

Frederik C. Lipp

Polished aluminum sculpture. 6' x 16' x 1'

Some artwork on campus becomes so much a part of the environment that it seems to always have been there. Reflections is such a piece. Created in 1973 and installed in the the Student Alumni Union Cafeteria by distinguished RIT faculty member Frederik Lipp. Intended originally as an abstraction, the calligraphic nature of its slender, mirror-like ribbons suggested the possibility of text to the artist. For that reason "view it" appears in the design. The phrase functions as an invitation to look more closely into the design as the seemingly momentary letters appear ready to reform.


View It: The Art and Architecture of RIT. pg.1-2. Ed. Pankow, David. RIT Cary Graphic Art Press. Rochester: 2004.