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Raymond Conrad - RITpedia

Raymond Conrad was the 8th President of the NTID Student Congress.

Presidential campaign


Students protested for NSC constitution at front of the Student Alumni Union building on May 18, 1979.

According to Reporter Magazine issued that students protested the suspension of the NTID Student Congress (NSC) from Student Affairs on May 18, 1979. The suspension was because NSC failed to formulate a valid constitution.[1]

Executive Board

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NTID Student Congress 1978-1979
President Raymond Conrad[2]
Vice President Keith Cagle[3]

NSC's Accomplishments


Hosted or Co-Hosted






Hosted or Co-Hosted

  • The RIT/Gallaudet Weekend: event started in 1978, was on RIT's turf this time. It is a competitive sport weekend between deaf students from RIT and Gallaudet University, located in Washington, D.C. The purpose of this event is to foster a spirit of sportsmanship, competition and cultural events. And to promote social relationships and interactions between both institutions. The name of this event has been evolving to RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend in late 2000s.




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