Techmila was RIT's yearbook from 1912-1992.


For the first two years of printing, the name of the yearbook was in flux. Its first year, it was called The MI Book; the second year it was called The Annual. For the next 31 years, until RAMI changed its name to RIT, it was titled Ramikin. The title served as a pun and reference to the ramekins used by the Domestic Science department at the time, and a statement that it was a record of the kin of RAMI.

In 1945, when RIT adopted its current name, the editorial staff chose to change Ramikin's name to Techmila (from the Greek words Technikos Milos, lit. "Tech Speaks") and dedicated its 1944-1945 volume to the advancement of technology.



The Wallace Library has copies of all volumes of Techmila available for student use, but because the books are extremely rare they do not circulate.

Year Title Dedication Editor-in-Chief
1912 The MI Book, Vol. 1 Carleton B. Gibson N/A
1913 The Annual, Vol. 2 Lewis Ross Ruth Lucile Kellogg
1914 Ramikin, Vol. 3 Henry Lomb Bessie Gais
1915 Ramikin, Vol. 4 George Eastman Ellen Putnam
1916 Ramikin, Vol. 5 Joseph Farley Carolyn Zundel
1917 Ramikin, Vol. 6 James Barker Edna Gulick
1918 Ramikin, Vol. 7 Eleanor Gleason Gladys Fuller
1919 Ramikin, Vol. 9 [sic] J. Donald Mundie Mildred Coffin
1920 Ramikin, Vol. 9 Royal Farnum Margaret Miner
1921 Ramikin, Vol. 10 Alfred Johns Helen Mansfield
1922 Ramikin, Vol. 11 J. Ernest Woodland Lucile Wells
1923 Ramikin, Class of 1923 Clifford Ulp Ward M. Alexander
1924 Ramikin, Class of 1924 Hendric Van Ingen Marcia H. Cole
1925 Ramikin, Class of 1925 Mary Constance Havens Mildred Forster
1926 Ramikin for 1926 Herman Martin Florence Hamilton
1927 Ramikin, Vol. 16 Edward A. Halbleib Martin R. Marriott
1928 Ramikin 1928 Henry Lomb Marjorie Koninsky
1929 Ramikin 1929 Alumni of RAMI Thlema Schutt
1930 Ramikin 1930 Henry Lomb, Nathaniel Rochester Ruth Taylor
1931 Ramikin 1931 John Randall Marion Wright, Theodore Van Brunt
1932 Ramikin, Vol. 21 The Future Clayton Humphrey
1933 Ramikin 1933 Hazel F. Burkey Helen Atwell
1934 Ramikin 1934 N/A Charlotte Gillon
1935 Ramikin 1935 John Warren Gillon Willard Zinke
1936 The 1936 Ramikin Mark Ellingson Florence Armstrong
1937 The Ramikin 1937 Clifford Ulp Alice Echter
1938 Ramikin 1938 Horace Koch Betty Mutch
1939 The 1939 Ramikin Herman Martin Ralph Zinke, Virginia Janes
1940 Ramikin 1940 George Clark William Nichols, Alfred Johns
1941 The Ramikin 1941 Calvin Thomason William Lartz
1942 The 1942 Ramikin Carrol Neblette Ruth Thomas
1943 Ramikin 1943 The U.S. Armed Forces Virginia Burkhardt
1944 Ramikin 1944 Frederick Brehm Margaret Miller
1945 Techmila 1945 Technology Louise Strauss
1946 Techmila 1945-46 Veterans of World War II M. L. Gingold
1947 The Techmila 1947 The Class of 1947 Gordon Fagan
1948 Techmila 1948 None Wade Harmon
1949 Techmila 1949 None Mark Guldin
1950 Techmila '50 None Thomas Nantka
1951 Techmila 1951 None Kendrick Wood
1952 Techmila '52 None Ralph Knox
1953 Techmila '53 None Don Bouton
1954 1954 Techmila George Clark
1955 1954 Techmila None