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Project Collaboration

OMG...You need a Questions page for the Questions page =/ Anyways.. Here's my "Question"... So, we have the IGM Featured Projects on the homepage, but what about all of the other fun and interesting projects out there? One thing I think would be pretty neat is if we had a site for RIT students similar to Google Projects, but where we could freely post our projects for everyone to see, or collaborate on. This would be basically a group site where you can setup your group projects where a team leader(s) host the idea and can store a collective drop box (probably an SVN), and be able to display the idea and progress of the group through a project profile page. This could be a way to network with other majors such as CS, SE, 3DDG, ect. that we may not get the chance to normally by allowing students to basically apply to help with a project, or where the the group leader(s) may recruit others to join. What do you think?—Preceding unsigned comment added by ALE7190 (talkcontribs)

On this note, I recommend you take a look at Category:Center for Student Innovation Projects and get a glimpse of how that is organized. We welcome students and staff to post their projects on here, take a look at articles for RITpedia and Tiger Bike. The collective drop box is a good technique, but RITpedia is steering away from being that sort of a tool. We want to be more of an information hub. I see nothing wrong with using RITpedia to host a project profile page that can display your idea and progress and list participants. On your note of collaboration between departments, I do recommend you check out, the Center for Student Innovation (CSI) hosts space for projects and the like. --Richard Latham 00:34, 9 February 2011 (EST)