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RITpedia:Needed - RITpedia

Here is the areas of RITpedia that need content the most.


  • "On this day" content. A majority of the pages that are used for the On this Day section on the homepage are blank. Major institution events should be here. Examples of the type of events are a new building is open, or ground is broke on a new building.
  • Club Pages. A lot of clubs have stub articles, or no articles about them. For the stubs, content needs to be added. For clubs that have no page, one needs to be made.
  • Updating. A lot of the content on RITpedia has gotten stale, and not updated. Articles like tuition need to have need content added to them.
  • Stub Pages. There are a lot of Stubs that need to be updated.


  • Infobox templates for the sidebars need to be made. For example, Student Government Organizations could benefit from a unified Infobox for club name, website, email, and that kind of information.
  • Categories. Articles need to have more categories, or the correct ones applied. For existing categories, a description could be helpful.
  • Templates, such as the Template:Student_Government template needs to be made for more existing categories such as Dining Services.