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Consensus is the fundamental decision making process employed on RITpedia. Editors will typically reach consensus as a natural consequence of continued editing. As changes and additions are made to articles, provided that editors assume good faith, consensus will generally arise automatically.

However, sometimes edits will be controversial and consensus cannot be arrived at simply by editing the article. In these cases, the editors who sense a lack of consensus should discuss the matter on the article's talk page.

Content decisions

All decisions made regarding content of RITpedia must reflect consensus and comply with policies supported by the broader consensus of the community.

Policies and guidelines

The policies and guidelines of RITpedia should reflect the consensus of the wiki's overall community.

Consensus can change

RITpedia is not bound to previous decisions in new discussions. While policies and guidelines should be followed, and the reasoning behind similar decisions in the past should be taken into consideration, RITpedia does not recognize the concept of binding precedent.

If consensus on a subject proves to be different than an established policy, the policy should be updated to reflect the new consensus.


  • As a student organization, RITpedia is required to comply with RIT policies, as well as local, state and federal laws. In order to continue to exist, the organization reserves the right to execute office actions to ensure compliance with the RIT and public policies it must comply with.
  • In order to not defame living individuals, certain content about living individuals, even if true and verifiable, may be excluded from RITpedia.