Bias at Ritpedia refers to the bias of editors and the project itself through its editorial processes.

Ritpedia strives to adhere to a neutral point of view. All articles and other content should be presented fairly and, to the greatest extent possible, without bias. This is a non-negotiable expectation of all editors and the content they contribute.


The neutral point of view is a means of dealing with conflicting perspectives on a topic. It requires that all majority- and significant-minority views be presented fairly, in a disinterested tone, and in rough proportion to their prevalence. Content should not be removed simply because it expresses a point of view in a positive light, but instead edited so that the tone is neutral. If other significant points of view exist, the article should discuss those as well.

The neutral point of view neither sympathizes with nor disparages its subject, nor does it endorse or oppose specific viewpoints. It is not a lack of viewpoint, but is rather a specific, editorially neutral, point of view. An article should clearly describe, represent, and characterize all the disputes within a topic, but should not endorse any particular point of view. It should explain who believes what, and why, and which points of view are most common. It may contain critical evaluations of particular viewpoints, but even text explaining criticisms of a particular view must avoid taking sides.

All editors and all sources have biases (in other words, all editors and all sources have a point of view)—what matters is if we can combine them to form a neutral article. Unbiased writing is the fair, analytical description of all relevant sides of a debate, including the mutual perspectives and the differening evidence. Editorial bias toward one particular point of view should be repaired or removed.


Our views in this regard is very similar to the policy at Wikipedia, which is called neutral point of view. While Wikipedia policy is not binding on Ritpedia, greater elaboration of the concept is available there.