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RITpedia:Accounts - RITpedia

The RITpedia Accounts Policy is as follows:

  • Current students, faculty and staff should log in to RITpedia using their RIT username and password. Authentication will be performed against RIT's Active Directory. Password are not retained or stored by us in any way.
  • Student Employees accounts shall not be used in any personal capacity. Actions/edits by these accounts assumed to be representing the entity the accounts belong to.
  • Alumni and former faculty and staff that do not have an RIT account may be granted local accounts to edit RITpedia on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the administrators.
  • Editors shall not be anonymous on the wiki as their username will be tied to their RIT account or to a historical personnel or student record.
  • Bot accounts can be created if there is a legitimate maintenance purpose for said bot account to exist, at discretion of the administrators.