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RITchie - RITpedia

RITchie is one of the RIT mascots. He is a tiger. The previous mascot was SPIRIT, but RITchie replaced him when he died in 1964.[1] In 2015, Ricky the Brick was added as an additional RIT mascot.[2]

A bronzed bengal tiger statue was erected on the Quarter Mile in 1989 to represent RIT’s original mascot, SPIRIT the Bengal tiger cub. When the statue was unveiled on November 10, the College Activities Board held a contest to name RIT’s new mascot. A then-3rd-year COLA student, Rick Mislan, won the contest with the name “RITchie”. Rick used his prize money from the contest to buy an RIT Men’s Hockey Jersey. To this day, at all big RIT events you can spot RITchie getting into shenanigans and promoting RIT’s tiger pride.


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