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The RIT subreddit (/r/rit) is a page of the popular content aggregation site reddit dedicated to the RIT community. The page is used as an aggregator of news and opinion for RIT, and is one of the largest college subreddits in the world. In 2011, RIT's subreddit won reddit's "Grow a College Subreddit" competition and was named the largest college subreddit[1] until it was dethroned several years later.


The RIT subreddit was created in 2009 by John Resig, a notable RIT alumni and early adopter of the website reddit. During reddit's "Grow a College Subreddit" competition, other rit reddit users signed on board to boost the numbers of the subreddit in the face of larger schools such as UCLA and University of Waterloo[2]. After the competition, RIT had grown it's subreddit from 1,600 subscribers in August 2011 to approximately 2,840 subscribers by December 2011. As a result, the subreddit's theme was displayed on the reddit main page on April 19, 2012[3].

On September 4, 2013, reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian announced a country-wide speaking tour to various colleges and universities in order to promote his book Without Their Permission. Many on the RIT subreddit wrote into Ohanian after realizing that RIT was not on the tour list, announcing that they believed RIT should be a stop due to winning the "Grow a College Subreddit" competition two years prior. Two days later, Ohanian announced that RIT would be included on his tour due to the overwhelming response from the RIT community. Alexis Ohanian spoke on February 7, 2014 at an event put on by RIT reddit moderator Nicholas Giordano and the College Activities Board to a crowd of around 900 in the Gordon Field House.

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