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RIT Archive Collections is located on the third floor of Wallace Library. It is the official repository for historically valuable records of the university. A broad range of materials, from presidential papers and departmental records to photographs and art works document RIT's history since 1829. The collections provide a view into the university's unique role as an educational institution and reveal RIT's significant part in the story of Rochester's growth.[1]

Museum studies students in the College of Liberal Arts work with these archival collections in classes and occasionally curate exhibitions.[2]


  1. RIT Archives holds the historically valuable records of the university.[3]
  2. RIT/NTID Deaf Studies Archive holds NTID records and acquires collections related to Deaf education, Deaf culture, Deaf theater, technologies related to the deaf and artwork by deaf artists.[4]
  3. RIT Art Collection contains works by faculty, students, and alumni, showcasing individual talent and the range of art programs at RIT.[5]
  4. RIT Special Collections include the Frederick Wiedman Jr. Presidential Signature Collection and two substantial collections of editorial cartoons by Elmer Messner and John Scott Club. [6]


Name Title
Becky Simmons Archivist[1]
Jody Sidlauskas Associate Archivist[1]


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