NTID Student Assembly
Abbreviation NSA
Recognition 1997-1998
Type parliamentary assembly
Speaker Andre Webster
Advisor Andrew Schewe
Members 1,432 students in 2013-2014[1]
Symbols unity
Website http://www.rit.edu/ntid/nsc

NTID Student Assembly (abbreviation: NSA) is an assembly that composed of NTID Student Clubs and Organizations. The weekly meetings are run by undergraduate students to promote for the best of Rochester Institute of Technology. NSA Representatives are the representative of each student organizations on the campus, to share their inputs, concerns, suggestions and to make a difference at Rochester Institute of Technology.


NTID Student Congress Student Body By-Laws 2011 Edition states "The purpose of NTID Student Assembly (NSA) shall be to act as a forum in which members of the community may assemble to inform the community, make announcements, and discuss issues of concerns."


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NSA Officers 1998-2000 NSA Officers 2000-2011 NSA Officers 2010-2012 NSA Officers 2012-Present
President pro tempore Speaker Speaker Speaker
Vice Speaker Vice Speaker Vice Speaker
Parliamentarian Parliamentarian Parliamentarian Parliamentarian
Clerk Clerk Clerk Clerk
Sergeant-at-Arms Sergeant-at-Arms (position is removed upon NSA's decision)
(Students signed themselves) Copy-Interpreter Videographer Copy-Interpreter
Public Relations Public Relations
Advisor Administrative Advisor Administrative Advisor



In the winter of 1998, Debbye Byrne, NSC President, and her executive board members took a controversial move by reorganizing the NSC's organizational structure which included rewriting the entire NSC By-Laws. They also established NTID Student Assembly, a deliberative body of organizations and clubs, so the students can assemble and discuss the concerns within the community. This public meeting facilitates based on the parliamentary procedure of the Robert's Rule of Order.

Under the leadership of Mark Sullivan, NSC President for the 1999-2000 academic year, NTID Student Congress and NTID Student Assembly soared to new heights. The organization relocated from dormitory basement office and meeting spaces into new multi-room headquarters located on the first floor of NTID’s Shumway Dining Commons. NSC’s new location includes a large group meeting room, a computer lab, and spacious offices. According to Sullivan, this new visibility for NSC has allowed the greater NTID/RIT community to be a better place.[2]

Also in 1999-2000, NTID Student Congress implemented a NSC President's Special Restructuring Committee along with Ben Clothier, NSC Parliamentarian. They hoped their restructuring helps to create a new NSC with all the flexibility and functionality of a student government that provides effective leadership and student activity opportunities.



In the spring of 2011, the 14th NTID Student Assembly finally approved an updated and revised 50 pages of the Student Body By-Laws since 2006. They also approved their own first official logo.

History of the By-Laws

Revision History

Updated and revised by the committee, amended to the NSC By-laws through NSA on 4/30/2013.

January 2006

  • Updated RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend By-Laws

May 2006

  • Revised NTID Awards Committee Guideline

April 2011

  • Amended the official NTID Student Congress logo
  • Amended the preamble
  • Updated & revised NSC Article
  • Updated, revised & amended NSA Article
  • Amended College of NTID Standing Committees article
  • Amended Recognition of Jurisdiction article
  • Amended Student Government Senators article
  • Amended Ad-Hoc Chairpersons article
  • Updated RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend By-Laws
  • Revised & Updated NTID Awards Committee Guideline
  • Amended NSC Student Body By-Laws Review Committee Guideline
  • Amended the official NTID Student Assembly logo

April 2013

  • Revised all "quarter" to "semester" term including timelines in multiple sections
  • Revised grammatical & structural clause errors
  • Updated the references in all articles
  • Updated BrickFestival/RockFestival Sports Weekend By-Laws


This By-Laws was carefully reviewed, revised, and amended through NSA by: 4/30/2013.

January 15, 2004 Jill Hatcher, Chairperson of the By-Laws Committee (ad hoc)

January 24, 2006 Christopher Samp, NSA Parliamentarian

June 2, 2006 Christopher Samp, NSA Parliamentarian

September 26, 2006 Unknown

April 12, 2011 Angelica Lopez, Chairperson of the By-Laws Revision Committee (Ad-Hoc)

(Samantha Geffen, Tina Lovato, Jacqueline Pransky, Rebecca McGregor, Nathaly Mendez, Andrew Schewe & Debbye Byrne)

April 30, 2013 Jena Di Giovanni, Chairperson of the By-Laws Revision Committee (Ad-Hoc)

(Tanea Brown, Robert Dooling, Graham Forsey, Anna-Marie Lee, Kayla Miller, Debbye Byrne, Daniel Millikin, & Andrew Schewe)

NTID Student Assembly

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Years Representatives
1997-1998 1st NTID Student Assembly
1998-1999 2nd NTID Student Assembly
1999-2000 3rd NTID Student Assembly
2000-2001 4th NTID Student Assembly
2001-2002 5th NTID Student Assembly
2002-2003 6th NTID Student Assembly
2003-2004 7th NTID Student Assembly
2004-2005 8th NTID Student Assembly
2005-2006 9th NTID Student Assembly
2006-2007 10th NTID Student Assembly
2007-2008 11th NTID Student Assembly
2008-2009 12th NTID Student Assembly
2009-2010 13th NTID Student Assembly
2010-2011 14th NTID Student Assembly
2011-2012 15th NTID Student Assembly
2012-2013 16th NTID Student Assembly
2013-2014 17th NTID Student Assembly
2014-2015 18th NTID Student Assembly

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