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NTID Banquet: Film Noir - RITpedia

On Friday, May 9, 2014, NTID Student Congress proudly presents NTID Banquet! The theme is Film Noir.


  • Opening
  • Dinner Ceremony
  • Awards Recognition
  • Oath/Closing

NTID Awards Recipients for 2013-2014

Outstanding Advocate Award

Winner: Bryan Ward

Runner-up: Angelica Lopez

Outstanding Graduating Student Award

Male Winner: Robert Dooling

Male Runner-up: Bakar Ali

Female Winner: Lauren Aggen

Female Runner-up: Danya Hinkle

Outstanding Interpreting Award

Winner: Jennifer Hayes

Runner-up: Valerie Burgio & Jennaca Longley

Outstanding Interpreting Student Award

Winner: Hunter Bartholomew

Runner-up: Ruth Starr

Outstanding Leadership Award

Winner: Keith Delk

Runner-up: Christopher Brucker

Outstanding Organization Community Service Award

Asian Deaf Club

Dawan L. Albritton Humanitarian Award for Student

Male Winner: Keith Banks

Female Winner: Reena Banerjee

Biggest Jump Student Awards

Male Winner: Akilyas Yacob

Male Runner-up: Jake Nelson

Female Winner: Nicole Gleicher

Female Runner-up: Maryam Hussein

Ellie Rosenfield Outstanding Community Service Award

Winner: Heidi Birchler

Runner-up: Sadie Kulhanek

Humanitarian Awards for Staff

Male Winner: Joseph Hamilton

Male Runner-up: Andrew Schewe

Female Winner: Luane Davis Haggerty

Female Runner-up: Karen Tobin

Mr. NTID Award

Winner: Nathan Burleson

Runner-up: Joseph Lingle

Ms. NTID Award

Winner: Demara Jeanty

Runner-up: Noel Marie Mertes

NTID Student Congress Outstanding Organization Awards

Greek Organization Winner: Sigma Nu

Deaf Student Organization Winner: Latin American Deaf Club

Milo E. Bishop Award

Deaf International Student Award

NTID Student Congress' Special Recognition

Tiger Media

Special Thanks

  • Event Registration
  • Campus Center for Life
  • Deaf Basketball Association & Deaf Volleyball Association
  • Department of Access Services
  • Dr. Heath Boice
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Karey Pine
  • NTID Administrative Council
  • NTID Alumni Association Office
  • RIT Leadership Institute
  • Student Volunteers for the 45th Anniversary
  • Yvette Chirenje

Ad Hoc Committees

Student Development Center Accessibility

  • Maryam Hussien

Standing Committees

  • Academic Conduct Committee
  • Department of Access Services Committee
  • English Resolution Committee
  • NTID Classroom Communication Committee
  • NTID Curriculum Committee
  • NTID Faculty Congress
  • Provost Access Committee
  • Semester Conversion Committee
  • Signing in Public Spaces Committee
  • Student Behavior Task Force
  • Student Rating Systems Committee
  • RIT Eisenhart Awards Committee

Bylaws Committee

  • Stephanie Kiessling
  • Eric Epstein
  • Benjamin Polstra
  • Angelica Lopez
  • Nathan Burleson
  • Quintina Frink

Election Committee

  • Bradley Calloway
  • Ashleen Evans
  • David Gustafson

NSC/SG Exchange Program

  • Keith Delk
  • Andre Webster
  • Keith Banks
  • David Gustafson
  • Graham Forsey
  • Rogan Shannon

NTID Student Leadership Initiative Committee

  • Danya Hinkle
  • Bryan Ward
  • Keith Banks
  • David Putz
  • Keith Delk
  • Rogan Shannon

Color RIT Green Committee

  • Bryan Ward
  • Keith Delk
  • Rogan Shannon

Student Government Cabinet Members

Rockfest Weekend Committee

NTID Student Assembly

NSC Advisors

NTID Awards Committee

  1. Kyle Pucket, chairperson
  2. Adan Ortiz, student
  3. Dakota Johndrow, student
  4. Samantha Shupe, student
  5. Timothy Holmes, student
  6. Mary Karol Matchett, staff
  7. Mindy Hopper, faculty
  8. Linda Bryant, faculty advisor