The Spudheds (or Spuds for short) are the Men's Ultimate Frisbee club team at RIT. They play in fall, winter, and spring. The team is Division 1 in the Western NY conference of the Metro East region under USA Ultimate[1], and the official season is during the spring. The team will often participate in leagues for the Greater Rochester Area Disc Association. The Spudheds practice outside on the fields behind Grace Watson Hall[2] and inside on the basketball courts in the Student Life Center. Generally, the team practices late afternoons on most weekdays. If you are interested in joining the team or contacting the Spuds, please email

The team was originally founded in 1992. The name and mascot refer to Mr. Potato Head. According to former captain Charlie Fuehrer in an article for the Reporter, the inspiration came about when "One of the players had this book and they opened it up and pointed to a word. The first word that they pointed to was what our name was... We just adopted Mr. Potato Head as our mascot."[3] In cases where there is an "A" team for the veterans and a "B" team for the rookies, the "B" team is referred to as the Tater Tots. The women's ultimate team at RIT is called the Sweet Potatoes (or Sweets for short).


The Spudheds host an annual Halloween costume tournament called Danse Macabre. The two-day tournament was started in 1997. It attracts a large number of teams, with groups coming from all over the region to participate. Games are played on many fields on campus and sometimes off campus. In the past, the official merchandise sponsor has been Five Ultimate.

More recently in 2012, the team started an indoor tournament in the winter. Titled the Spudheds Winter Classic, the tournament is played on the basketball courts.

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