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MediaWiki:Editpage-tos-summary - RITpedia

For your reference, below is a list of most of the templates that you can use:

RITpedia Specific All functions take the argument reason and date

  • {{Cleanup}}: For articles that you come across that are poorly written, disorganized, incorrectly formatted, or otherwise need some TLC
  • {{References_needed}}: For articles that have few, or no references. All articles should have references.
  • {{Outdated}}: For articles that are outdated. This could include articles that the information is out of date, needs to be updated with the latest information, or the person/place/event no longer is at RIT and the article needs to be updated to reflect the change.
  • {{Scope}}: For articles that are possibly outside RITpedia's Scope.


for when a fact is presented, but there is no reference to that face.

Some of this content was borrowed from the MediaWiki docs.

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