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Mascot - RITpedia

Mascot may refer to a couple of different symbols that represent(ed) RIT and its athletic teams.

Prior to 1955

Prior to 1955, athletic teams referred to themselves as "The Techman" or "The Blue Grey."[1]


Harry Watts and several letterman choose the nickname "Tigers" to better personify the basketball team and RIT athletics.[1]


SPIRIT, a two month old Bengal tiger was purchased for $1000 from Dallas, Texas. He was nicknamed the "Flying Tiger." SPIRIT II was purchased by Seneca Park Zoo and RIT in honor of him after SPIRIT's death in 1964.[1]


On November 10, 1989, the Bengal tiger statue was dedicated. By this point, "RITchie," the bengal tiger had become RIT's official mascot. [1]


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