List of commencement delegates refers to RIT commencement delegates sorted by their year of commencement.

Commencement delegates by year

Year Name College
1996 Karen Provinski[1] College of Science
2002 Josephine Smith[2] College of Engineering
2003 Andrej Duric[3] American College of Management and Technology
2003 John Reaghart[4][3] College of Applied Science and Technology
2003 Mamta Gupta[3] College of Business
2003 Victor Silva[3] College of Business
2003 Philip Light[3] College of Computing and Information Sciences
2003 Keith Tabakman[5][3] College of Engineering
2003 Anthony Tanbakuchi[3] College of Imaging Arts and Sciences
2003 Kelly Marsh[3] College of Liberal Arts
2003 Svetlana Bukharina[3] College of Science
2003 Jessica Petty[3] National Technical Institute for the Deaf
2005 Stephanie Shubert[6] College of Science
2005 Juan Rodriguez[7] NTID
2005 Stephanie L Shubert[8] College of Science


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