International House or "I-house" is a Special Interest House based in Residence Hall Eugene Colby C. Being "an organization that provides opportunities for students to learn about a variety of cultures and customs,"[1] International House houses students from all over the United States and the world and extends invitations, each year, to all incoming international and domestic students to create a floor of maximum, "natural diversity" (see below), where members may one minute be playing basketball together and the next be playing Pathfinder or League of Legends. The leadership of International House has focused for years on creating an environment where everyone is welcome to bring their knowledge and interests to the community. International House generally advertises a few strengths when reaching out to new members:

  • Having been a place for International and Domestic Students to come together for so many years, I-House is a hub of cultural discussion, learning, food, and events
  • As a recognized affiliate of Global Union and a part of the Special Interest House Community, International House has direct ties to a vast number of cultural, major, and/or interest based activities and clubs who organize events with International House and other groups on campus.
  • Members have exclusive access to a full-sized, fully equipped kitchen and attached extra large lounge (in addition to the regular floor kitchenette and lounge)
  • Members are able to participate in all International House travel events

There are two types of members outlined in the International House Constitution: On-floor and Off-floor.

On floor members live on floor and pay around 100$ to get access to all the events and kitchen. While the majority of people living on floor tend to be members of I-house, this is not a requirement and is not uncommon.

Off floor members, do not live on floor and generally pay around half the price of on floor members. They get access to the floor including the kitchen and lounge but often have to pay more to attend events. The only requirement to being an off floor member is that you can not live in Colby C (or else you would be on floor creating a paradox).

Traditional Events

Every Semester, International House holds between 3-5 events to bring all the members together and have fun. Many of these events are repeated every year.

The International House Dinner is an event that happens once per semester. The event often takes place on campus in a banquet area (past areas include Sol's Activity Room and NRH 1250) and the food is made entirely by I-house members, consisting of cultural food generally, but not always, from a member's culture of origin. Based on member's preferences, the dinner may also take place off campus, at a restaurant of the floor's choosing, generally at Chinese restaurants.

Apple picking is an event that happens in early October. The members go to Long Acre farm and pick apples. After the event many of the member cook the apples into pies known informally as 'Hoboken Squat Cobblers.

Darien Lakes' Trip happens in mid to lake October in which the floor goes to Darien Lakes Amusement park. The event generally costs around 20$ for on floor members and a little bit more for off floor and non members. While at the park, members are informally required to ride the Moose on the Loose children's ride at least once and learn about the daily struggles of a moose's life.

Culture Nights are informal events that happen every couple of weeks where members of the floor teach each other about different cultures. Presentations generally last around 20-30 minutes and involve discussing the food, history and culture of the chosen country or social group. During the presentation food from the chosen culture is often served and movies are often shown. While normally the person presenting is from the chosen country, this is not a requirement. past culture nights have included "Korean Culture Night", "Chinese Culture Night" and "Metal Culture Night".


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