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Interfraternity Council - RITpedia
Interfraternity Council
Type Greek Governance
President Daniel Greenebaum
Advisor Eric Pope, Brad Dunn
Members 12 Chapters

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the programming and governing body of the 11 North-American Interfraternity Conference fraternities at RIT. Every man who joins one of these groups is a member of IFC. Every group has a representative or chapter delegate that attends the IFC meetings. These individuals are the communication link between IFC and their chapters. The Interfraternity Council meets once a week. The IFC leadership is composed of a President and 6 Executive Officers. The IFC strives to govern its member fraternities.


There is little documentation about the founding of the Interfraternity Council, but there are records of the Council dating back to the 1950s.

Current Executive Board

Position Name
President Juan Lachapelle
VP of Judicial Affairs Andrew Merriman
VP of Programming Trevor McClennon
VP of Recruitment Chris Snyder
VP of Public Relations Eric Goodrich
VP of Communications Sam Shiffman
VP of Finance Michael Lax

Member Chapters