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Humans vs Zombies

HvZ @ RIT Logo
Type Student Club

Humans vs Zombies (abbreviation: HvZ) is a club at RIT.
The game's current administration is:

  • Kathleen Tigue: Club President
  • Cameron Young: Vice President
  • Cole Williams: Vice President
  • Christopher Timmons: Club Treasurer
  • Mitch Hanna: Club Secretary

The RIT game prides itself on many of its attributes. Each game has a very detailed story line from which the missions are based. The game is run by an official school club which meets weekly to plan the two yearly games, fundraisers, charity events, and mini-games. The game administration hosts bi-weekly mini-games during the downtime between the big games. This provides a resource to test new types of zombies, new missions, and to keep interest and excitement up.

About Us

Humans vs Zombies at RIT is one of RIT's biggest clubs with 900 participates in Fall 2014.

Annual Events

  • Fall Week Long Game
  • Invitational
  • Spring Week Long Game


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Players and Extraction Rates

Semester Number of Players Number Extracted
Fall 2014 900 38
Spring 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2012
Fall 2012 763
Spring 2011 340 0
Fall 2011
Spring 2010 400 3
Fall 2010 600 17
Spring 2009 200 15
Fall 2009 200 40
Spring 2008
Fall 2008 500 8
Spring 2007
Fall 2007


  • Bandanas for players are green with the HvZ official logo on it.
  • Blue Bandanas for player are moderators
  • Yellow bandanas are for Admins elected onto eBoard.

Past eBoards


  • Stevie Ray Thompson / Gabriel Mara Isserlis/ Steve Symzack - Club President
  • Cameron Young: Vice President
  • Andrew Vogini: Vice President
  • Xavier Gallardo: Club Treasurer
  • Mitch Hanna / Kathleen Tigue : Club Secretary


  • Eric Trumble - Club President
  • Gary Porter: Vice President
  • Andrew Vogini: Vice President
  • Gabriel Mara Isserlis: Club Treasurer
  • Stevie Ray Thompson: Club Secretary



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