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Honors Program - RITpedia

The RIT Honors Program provides scholarships, honors courses, and other opportunities to Honors students.


Students in the Honors Program have 3 requirements meet during their time at RIT to graduate from the Honors Program. Students must graduate with at minimum a 3.6 GPA, and meet benchmark GPAs throughout their time at RIT. Students must also complete 20 Honors Points by graduation and 20 hours of Complementary Learning per year.

Honors Council

The Honors Council is the governing body of the Honors Program. It represents the interests of the honors students.

Honors Points

Honors points can be earned by completing Honors classes, studying abroad, or participating in a research project with a faculty member.

Complementary Learning

Complementary learning is an annual community service requirement. Each student must complete 20 hours each year and it must fall under citizenship and/or leadership.

Honors Orientation

The Honors Program has an orientation for its incoming freshmen, prior to the institute-wide orientation program.

The Honors Program Website

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