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Frederick H. Minett Professorship - RITpedia

Frederick H. Minett Professorship recognizes distinguished area minority professionals and brings them to campus to share their knowledge and experience. The Minett Professorship was established in 1991. The President and Chief Diversity Officer appoint individuals to act as adjunct faculty in one of RIT’s colleges for one academic year.[1]

Start year Recipient Organization(s) Area of instruction
1991-1992 Wyoma Best[2] Rochester Business Alliance
1994-1995 Mary-Frances Winters[3] The Winters Group Leadership
1996-1997 Walter Cooper[4] New York State Regent for the Seventh Judicial District, Eastman Kodak Company Several lectures on higher education topics to university organizations.
2000-2001 Clifford Janey[5] Superintendent of Rochester City School District Course entitled "Leadership Challenge—Win, Win or Else: A 21st Century Mandate"
2001-2002 Essie Calhoun[1][6] Eastman Kodak Company
2002-2003 Clayton Osbourne[2] Bausch & Lomb
2003-2004 Gladys Santiago[7] President, Rochester City Council Three part lecture series for the College of Liberal Arts
2004-2005 Michael Finney[1][8] Greater Rochester Enterprise
2005-2006 Robert Colón[9] RIT Chief Legal Council, Director of RIT Office of Legal Affairs Course for criminal justice and political science majors entitled "Race, Religion and the Law"
2006-2007 Augustin Melendez[2] Eastman Kodak Company
2007-2008 G. Peter Jemison[10] Curator of the Fenimore Art Museum Winter quarter course entitled "New York Native Americans"
2008-2009 H. Moka Lantum[11][12] Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Diversity in business, health care organizations
2009-2010 Emerson U. Fullwood[13] Xerox Corporation Business leadership, management and marketing
2010-2011 Antoinette McCorvey[1] Eastman Kodak Company Lectures and seminar classes in RIT’s E. Philip Saunders College of Business
2010-2011 James Norman[1] Action for a Better Community Teaching in the RIT College of Liberal Arts
2011-2012 Teresa Johnson[14][15] Rochester City Court Judge Adjunct faculty in the RIT College of Liberal Arts
2012-2013 Kevin Williams[16] Kodak Research Laboratories School of Chemistry and Materials Science in RIT’s College of Science
2013-2014 Pete Otero[17] Executive Dean at Monroe Community College’s Damon City Campus College of Applied Science and Technology


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