Engineering House [EH; E-house] is a Special Interest House devoted to RIT students studying or interested in the various disciplines of engineering. Engineering House was established in 1971, and has a wide network of members and alumini. The eighth floor of Nathaniel Rochester Hall is considered home to Engineering House members.

Academic Facilities

Engineering House has a lounge devoted solely to academic resources. It includes a library of textbooks pertaining to engineering, wipe boards, and a table wired for electricity and ethernet cables. E-House also has a workshop that comes stocked with tools and materials that are available for personal or class projects for all members.

Recreational Facilities

E-House has a small movie theatre, complete with projector and comfortable multi-level seating. In addition, EH also has a pool lounge, which serves as the social hub for the floor. It contains a pool table, a surround sound system, and the MAME, an arcade game machine that contains hundreds of arcade games, both classic and modern.


Every year, the freshmen of E House do a project that betters the floor in some way. Some of the previous projects include:

  • The MAME
  • The Pool Lounge Mural and Sound System Cabinets
  • The Study Lounge wired Study Table
  • The Kitchen Table Spinning Gears and Mural
  • The VAX Theatre Seating and Luxurious Handcrafted Bench
  • The Kitchen Speaker Bench
  • The Plexiglass Tables and Whiteboards in the Study Lounge


Engineering House has several traditional events for its members throughout the year. The Skiing Trip to Tremblant is one such event. This usually takes place during winter quarter, when many E House members go up to Canada for a weekend to ski, snowboard, and have fun. The Camping Trip to Letchworth occurs during spring quarter, and also finds many Engineering House members and alumni camping out at Letchworth state park over a weekend. The Engineering House Formal is an annual event that has members and alumni out on a boat on Ontario Lake for a fun night of food and dancing.

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