Engineering House [EH; EHouse] is a Special Interest House devoted to RIT students studying or interested in the various disciplines of engineering. Engineering House was established in 1971, and has a wide network of members and alumni. The eighth floor of Nathaniel Rochester Hall is considered home to Engineering House members.

Academic Facilities

Engineering House has a lounge devoted solely to academic resources called the Study Lounge. It includes a library of textbooks for many kinds of engineering classes, white boards, and a plexiglass covered table wired for electricity and ethernet cables. As a quiet space, it's good for studying or it can be reserved for group projects and study sessions. The Study Lounge also contains a tutor board that is updated periodically so students seeking help in a subject can find people on the list that can help them with any questions they might have. The people on the list are confident in that subject and can assist the student when they need it. E-House also has a workshop that is stocked with tools and materials that are available for personal or class projects for all members. The workshop collection is constantly being added to, as members request items they may need for their classwork and different projects.

Recreational Facilities

Engineering House has a small movie theater in the room called the VAX, which is shared with the workshop. It is complete with a projector and comfortable couches on multi-level seating constructed by members of EHouse. In addition, EHouse also has a pool lounge, which serves as the social hub for the floor. It contains a pool table, a surround sound system, and the MAME, an arcade game machine created for Imagine RIT that contains hundreds of arcade games, both classic and modern. Tournaments and floor-wide competitions to see who is the best pool player on floor are ongoing. The final recreational lounge is the Kitchen, where most of the Freshmen Projects are in use. In the Kitchen, there is a long table with an accompanying bench with speakers built into it so music can be played while members eat a meal together. Both are previous Freshmen Projects.


Every year, the freshmen of E House complete a project that makes the floor better in some way. Some of the previous projects include:

  • The Pool Lounge Mural and Sound System Cabinets
  • The Study Lounge Study Table
  • The Kitchen Table Spinning Gears and Kitchen Mural
  • The VAX Theatre Seating
  • The Kitchen Speaker Bench
  • The Plexiglass Tables and Whiteboards in the Study Lounge

On top of the Freshmen Projects, Engineering House also participates in Imagine RIT. Some of the projects created have been:

  • The MAME, a video game console created to play various arcade games, from the old style arcade games to Nintendo 64 games
  • Chain Reaction, a giant Rube Goldberg machine
  • E2-H2, a Star Wars Theremin, which is a device that acts as an electronic instrument you don't have to touch to play. This one is created in the likeness of a Star Wars droid.
  • The Ruben's Tube, a pipe that shows the sine wave of music played into it using controlled fire.
  • The Wooden Electric Go-Kart, a self explanatory vehicle that was built entirely in the EHouse workshop, from frame construction to wiring the motor into place. Engineering House received a grant from RIT to build this project.
  • Puzzle Boxes; using the floor's 3D printer, puzzle boxes were constructed at various levels of difficulty for children and adults alike to try to solve.

Other personal projects are also created and strongly encouraged by Engineering House


Engineering House has several traditional events for its members throughout the year. The Skiing Trip to Tremblant is one such event. This usually takes place at the beginning of the spring semester, when many E-House members go up to Canada for a weekend to ski, snowboard, and have fun. The Camping Trip to Letchworth occurs during the second semester, and finds many Engineering House members and alumni camping out at Letchworth state park over a weekend. The Engineering House Formal is an annual event planned by a committee at the end of the spring semester to which Engineering House members and alumni are invited. Additionally, smaller events like trips to Darien Lake, a local theme park, and Beach Day at Ontario Lake, are also held in the fall semester.

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