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Mark Ellingson Hall - RITpedia
Mark Ellingson Hall
50A MEH.jpg
Name Mark Ellingson Hall
Building Number 50A
Abbreviation MEH
Zone H-5

Mark Ellingson Hall is Building 50A in the North Area. It is the tallest building on campus at 12 stories tall and houses the WITR broadcast antenna. It features 2 elevators and access to the tunnels. It is connected to Peterson Hall. It also houses the North Area Office (Residence Life) and CERP (Center for Educational Research Positions) on the first floor. The building has alcohol and substance free, gender-neutral and mainstream floors. The building was most recently renovated in the Winter of 2000.[1]


The building was named after Mark Ellingson, a past President of RIT.[2]


Ellingson has two elevators and air conditioning. Unlike most other dorms, Ellingson and Peterson have suite-style floors, with each room connected to a small private bathroom.


  2. Online archive proves there’s plenty in a name

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