Dr. William E. Castle
Name Dr. William E. Castle
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Who was at National Technical Institute for the Deaf starting in 1968, and did not leave until the mid 1990s? Who had a way of making the deaf students feel special, and welcomed deaf students into his office? Dr. William E. Castle. Although he was hearing, as a dean he signed fluently and was an active supporter of NTID. By 1979, he was the RIT Vice President and Director of NTID.[1]

Published Works

Even before he started at NTID, Castle was involved in deaf education. In 1967, he was involved with the "Final report on the seminar on skills and knowledge needed by audiologists and educators of the deaf," published by the the American Speech and Hearing Association (later the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).

Castle wrote or co-wrote, articles in the American Annals of the Deaf (1974), the Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People and Deafness (1987), a paper in the International Congress on Education of the Deaf conference proceedings (1982), the Deaf American Monograph Deafness: 1993-2013 (1993), and the NTID Focus magazine (1991).

Financial Support

Castle and his wife Diane established the Dr. Genji Murai Endowment Fund in 1993 to support international deaf students attending NTID.

Contribution to NTID History

Castle helped originate the NTID Student Congress, NTID's student government, when in 1971, he had a group of students write a constitution for NTID students.


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