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David Baughman was the 38th President of the NTID Student Congress. Baughman previously served as a NTID Drama Club president. David Baughman succeeded Noella Kolash after Kolash announced her resignation at the NTID Student Assembly forum.

Presidential campaign




Promote ethics on campus. Address issues such as audism, racism, sexism, hazing, and vandalism.

The Problem:

RIT has not recognized Audism in any RIT policy. RIT does not award students for preventing audism, racism, sexism, hazing and vandalism incidents on campus.

The Plan:

Have audism recognized on campus and put under RIT policy. Create Audism Awareness and posters around campus. Set up award program for preventing audism, racism, sexism, hazing and vandalism. Ethics pledge.


Create more jobs on campus for NTID students.

The Problem:

NTID Students do not have enough jobs on campus such as manager level jobs. Co workers at the Commons may have some ASL or no ASL skill.

The Plan:

Have dining commons to hire deaf student managers. Dining Commons should have new policy for new student managers to learn ASL. Co-workers at the Commons should start learning ASL NTID student workers may organzine a union for all NTID workers.


NTID students have the right to receive the best quality of education.

The Problem:

The place where students voice for their rights for the best quality education possible is not visible. ASL is not recognized as a language on campus.

The Plan:

Set up an information desk where any complaints about education can be filed. Department of Access Services (DAS) shall give ASL user students a choice to have ASL interpreters in RIT classrooms. NTID’s survey shall have questions that includes ASL, Oral and simultaneous communication.


NSC will help NTID organizations to grow their finance.


Offer more community services visible around campus.

The Problem:

Services are not visible on campus but on website only.

The Plan:

Offer more services around campus and make them more visible. The service will be offered: Volunteering Program The volunteering program offers rewards to students who help out with NSC. There will be a points system. Students can spend their points to buy things that they need for academic purposes. Suppose students need more pens or pencils they can always volunteer to get school supplies. Or they can save up points to get a t-shirt (only once a year). Or they could get free tickets to any organization event.

Civil Rights

NTID Students will be able to voice their opinions and vote by email.

The Problem:

NSC system does not allow students to vote on any issues.

The Plan:

Set up email system such as Students will be able to voice by voting via email. For example, suppose there another guest that is like Lisa Lampanelli. Students can vote via email if students would like to proceed the show or not.

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Executive Board

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NTID Student Congress 2008-2009
President Noella Kolash (succeeded by David Baughman)
Vice President David Baughman (replaced by Rosemary Kuplicki)
Director of Academic Affairs Emily Blalchy (replaced by Joseph Fox)[1]
Director of Communication Gabe Campell (replaced by) Web Master Rebecca Brownlee
Programming Director Rosemary Kuplicki (replaced by)
Finance Director Della Gorelick (replaced by Kari Hoaglin)
Executive Assistant Jeremy Francis (replaced by Darren Clapper)
Administrative Advisor Karey Pine
RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend Chairperson Corey Axelrod
BrickFest Chairperson May-may "Summer" Pan
Election Chairperson David Spiecker
Award Chairperson

NSC's Accomplishments 2008-2009


Hosted or Co-Hosted






Hosted or Co-Hosted




  1. Joseph Fox. NTID News: Student Ambassador. [1]