Dance For Your Rent is a Dance Competition and Dance-a-thon event hosted by Student Government between the years 2005-2007 that gave away prizes, notably a quarter's worth of free rent to the winner. Competitors paid a registration fee and were judged by notable administrators and others on campus, and one winner was selected throughout the night.

Dance for your Rent 2005

The initial idea for Dance for your Rent was created by James Macchiano and Cory Hoffman, the Student Government President and Vice-President for 2005-2006, respectively. The dance competition was created as a way for students to come together after the first week of fall classes.

The first Dance for your Rent took place in the Clark Gym on Friday, September 9 from 8pm until 3am. The event was hosted by Student Government, and sponsored by Housing Operations, OCASA, and Sigma Alpha Mu. Due to a conflict with Sigma Alpha Mu's Pole Sit event, Student Government and Sigma Alpha Mu combined budgets in order to create a biggere event for both. Due to this, a fireworks display and multiple BBQ's were hosted by Sigma Alpha Mu for the Dance for your Rent event. Registration for the event was $3, and the grand prize was one quarter's paid rent from Student Government and Housing Operations- a max total of $2,044. Off-campus students and RA's would have the option to choose $1,000 for their off-campus rent or tuition credit. Several dance clubs on campus, including Country Line Dancing Club and RIT Dance team performed during the event for attendees.

The event was considered successful, but said to be too complicated to organize during the first week of school.

Dance for your Rent 2006

The 2nd Dance for your Rent occurred on Saturday, September 23, 2006 in the Clark Gym from 7pm until 3am. The setup was similar to the first year, with free food, prizes, and the grand prize of a quarter's rent free. Additional prizes for up to 5th place included a Reserved Parking Pass, and gift-cards. The event got rid of registration charges due to issues with pre-registration the year prior, and was co-sponsored once again by Sigma Alpha Mu, along with Residence Housing Association. The winner of the quarter's rent grand prize was Obinna Ukachukw.

Dance for your Rent 2007

The 3rd Dance for your Rent occurred in the Clark Gym on Saturday, October 13, 2007 from 6:30pm-12:30am. The winner of the quarter's rent grand prize was Sypraseuth Vandy. This event marked the last year of the Dance for your Rent event, possibly due to the large logistical and waiver issues for the event.

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