Computer Science House (abbreviation: CSH) is a Special Interest House at RIT focused on Computer Science and technology. CSH was the first Special Interest House, founded in 1976. The house is located on the third floor of the dormitory Nathaniel Rochester Hall.

CSH has over fifty students, and many off-floor members.


CSH is defined by its members who are passionate about:

  • RIT Schedule Maker is used by students across RIT to generate printable, human-readable schedules you can post on your door, share with employers/family/friends, and more.
  • DAMMIT (Digital and Analog Musical Manipulation of Incandescent Technology) is a sound-reactive lighting rack. Colored lights respond to different frequency ranges in the music.
  • Drink - an Internet-connected vending machine. You can drop drinks from anywhere in the world by using Drink's web or SSH interfaces.
  • iButton Door Locks use small electronic tokens that CSH members carry. When connected to a reader, iButtons send a unique passcode that can be used for access control, authentication to Drink, and more.
  • InfoSys is a networkable scrolling LED display. It pulls down RSS feeds and displays them in the User Center.
  • Multitouch is a table-top computer built using a webcam, a projector, and mirrors, all housed in a wooden frame. Controlling it works exactly as named: it has a multi-touch interface, similar to that of the iPhone, but much bigger.
  • Electric Shopping Cart is too mysterious to describe here.
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CSH wouldn't be able to produce all of its cool projects without the special rooms on-floor. These are the lounge, user center, software room, conference room, project room, research room, and library.

  • The Lounge: All our meetings are in here. Lots of couches that are frequently moved around and a full 7.1 audio system and projector mount for movie nights!
  • User Center: A room full of tables, chairs, network jacks, whiteboards, and computers. Lots of our projects are born in here, including Multitouch, the motorized shopping cart, and more. There are computers that any member can log into using their CSH account and use. CSH accounts are separate from your RIT account, and alumni get to keep them after graduation. This is just one way CSH stays in contact with its extensive network of alumni.
  • Software room: A smaller room at the south end of floor with lots of books and couches. It is a quieter room where there are often board game nights and coding sprees.
  • Conference room: A room down in the L with two whiteboards and a large table where conferences and small meetings can be held.
  • Project room: The wood shop. Lots of power tools and spare parts where the structures for most of our projects are built. We have a radial arm saw, a table saw, a drill press, and lots of other tools most people don't have for themselves, along with the ability to make stuff for your room and floor right here in the dorms.
  • Research room: Where electronics projects are born. There are lots of electronic parts in here, from basic resistors and caps to various ICs, wiring, breadboards, and soldering tools.
  • Library: CSH's history goes all the way back to 1976. In the Library there are lots of pieces of CSH history - the first drink dropped from Drink, the front panel of the PDP-11 that inspired floor's red-and-purple color scheme, and more.

Notable alumni

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Awards and accomplishments

  • CSH was Yahoo! Internet Life's most wired dorm of 1999
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