The Collegiate Readership Program is a paid program run through USA Today Education to provide newspapers to RIT students for free on campus. The program is run through and paid for by RIT's Student Government.

The program currently offers editions of The New York Times and USA Today for free to students at several different locations across campus.


The Collegiate Readership Program program was brought to RIT in 1999. RIT was one of five colleges that participated in the first expansion of the program after it's initial implementation at Penn State in the fall of 1997[1].

The 2007-2008 Student Government evaluated the usefulness of the program after it was called into question due to the costs of the program. 61% of the students polled said they supported continuing the program with the use of funds from the Student Activity Fee. From that study on the program usage from 2007-2008, students read 70,222 newspapers throughout the program, an average of 453 newspapers per day.

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