Club Review Board (abbreviation: CRB) oversees all policies and procedures that relate to Student Government recognized clubs and provide recommendations concerning these policies to the Student Government President, Student Government Senate, and the Assistant Director for Campus Life Programming.

All new groups that wish to become a SG-Recognized club must get approval from the Club Review Board. The review board consists of the Club Director, an elected board member and then 7 representatives from their respective clubs chosen at random. These 9 people approve and deny all ITF (Intent To Form) and club interviews on why they should be permitted to become a club. The 7 chosen clubs change once a semester, while the elected point member's term last for a full academic year. They take into account what costs the club might be burdened with and how they plan to handle it, available space for them at current RIT facilities, previous clubs with the same interest and why they were or were not successful, among other factors.

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