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Christopher Samp - RITpedia

Christopher Samp was the 33th President of the NTID Student Congress.

Presidential campaign

Slogan: Spread Your Wings

Mission Statments

  • We believe that everyone has potential to become great leaders and we want to guide the students to develop more skills.
  • We want to increase the awareness of accessing the multiple resources on campus such as clubs/organizations, sports, academic services, health services, and administration.
  • With our knowledge in the communities inside and outside of RIT, we want to encourage the involvements by the students.
  • We want to increase the overall quality of college life experiences among the students.
  • Our vision is not only limited to those four statements, we are continuing to share visions with others who want to make NSC successful.

Ideas for NTID Community

  • Unified Calendar of events on/off campus
  • Office hours
  • Involvement of Upperclassmen especially graduate students
  • Events with RIT community
  • Representative at Large
  • Little NSC
  • NSC will host big events like Star Search, World as One, NSC Banquet, etc.
  • We will work with organizations on other events.
  • Community Retreats
  • Training Days (workshop, event registration, funding requests, policies, etc.)

We are committed to combine our accomplishments of our past experiences with the ideas of the present to promote the true purpose of NSC and its community.

We believe in and will continue to work closely with the community that we represent.

Everyone has the right to good education, access to resources, and a good college experience on campus.

"No one can predict to what heights you can soar, even you will not know until you spread your wings." -unknown[1]


Executive Board

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NTID Student Congress 2003-2004
President Christopher Samp
Senior Vice President Amanda Sievers
Administrative Assistant
Finance Manager
Vice President of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs Assistants
Vice President of Communications Webmaster Media Coordinator Reporter Public Relations
Vice President of Programming Activity Coordinators Little NSC Chairperson Little NSC Activity Coordinators
Administrative Advisor Karey Pine
Gallaudet/RIT Sports Weekend Chairperson
Election Chairperson
Award Chairperson
By-Laws Chairperson Jill Hatcher

NSC's Accomplishments


Hosted or Co-Hosted






Hosted or Co-Hosted




  1. Samp/Sievers. SpreadYourWings. Angelfire. (2003). [1]