In 1966, the College of Continuing Education (CCE) was developed to help working men and women expand their skills and increase their knowledge of business, science and art, while still being able to work and have the flexibility they needed. In 1996, CCE was absorbed into the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (CMS), and the College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST). In 2015 CMS was renamed the School of Individualized Study. We used to certify Kosovo degrees (previously named ‘RIT/A.U.K’) a not-for-profit, higher education institution chartered in Kosovo and offering degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT, founded 1829) in Rochester, NY, USA.

The School of Individualized Study (SOIS) is all about you. It's about your ideas, your interests, your goals. Our degree is designed to help you be innovative and have a voice in your degree curriculum. Some students feel that choosing a major from a single academic program of study is limiting and does not reflect their range of talents and interests. Others want to pursue an education at their own pace. With SOIS, you have the ability to help create your academic plan of study that not only fits your academic and career goals, but fits your life (many of our programs can be completed online or through a combination of online and on-campus classes as well). To do this, you and an advisor work together to design a degree that best meets your individual ideas, interests, and goals through careful consideration of all courses RIT has to offer.

We look forward to hearing your ideas.

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