The RIT Brick City Singers, 2009-2010.

The Brick City Singers (abbreviation: BCS) is one of RIT's performing a cappella groups. Members often perform in either Hawaiian shirts or boldly-colored collared shirts. BCS most often performs at events like RIT Singers concerts, Imagine RIT, and other gigs around campus.

Started in 1999, BCS has been active as a subset of RIT Singers, performing both contemporary as well as classic style songs. Historically, members have been known to perform professional arrangements, as well as use their talents to arrange their own songs for the group.

BCS has been present in the 2004, 2010, and 2014 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) Quarterfinals. They have also caught the attention of (and performed for) several nonprofit and professional organizations around the city of Rochester.

Current members

Tenor I

  • John Grosh
  • Logan Hobbs
  • Benjamin Gilmore

Tenor II

  • Adam Schechter
  • Josh Fox
  • Christian Vanderhoef
  • Torin Smith


  • Joseph "Tre" DiPassio
  • Jack Case
  • Ryan Geary


  • Andrew Hollenbach
  • Dave Taylor
  • Raleigh Cockerill

Night of A Cappella (NOAC)

Each spring the Brick City Singers hold their only annual concert, the Night of A Cappella (or NOAC). This year's NOAC is on March 7th in Panara Theatre.

One of the components of NOAC is a video: an acted-out parody movie, projected onto a large screen. Two to three guest groups, invited from around the country, perform their sets on stage as well. Lastly, BCS performs all of their new songs for the year as well as a few crowd favorites.


A collaboration concert with the male a cappella groups on campus.



  • In Spite of it All (2004)
  • Cheap Leis (2006)
  • Bold (2014)


List of current and past songs

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