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Alpha Sigma Alpha - RITpedia
Alpha Sigma Alpha
Chapter Gamma Iota
Abbreviation ASA
Motto "Aspire, Seek, Attain"
Recognition Fall 1920 (as Delta Omicron)
May 23, 1964 (as Alpha Sigma Alpha)
Type Social sorority
Members 60
Symbols Stars, Crown, Palm Tree & Pheonix
Mascot Dot the Lady Bug

Alpha Sigma Alpha is a sorority at RIT.

About Us

Our Core Values

The core values of Alpha Sigma Alpha are Balance, Generosity, Growth, Integrity, Learning, Relationships, Responsibility, and Enjoyment. These are the values that comprise who we are as a sisterhood and what we try to be as individuals.

Balance – As members of a sorority we strive to be the best in each endeavor. To be successful we must focus our energy evenly; between our dedication to our organization, as well as our friends and family and our academics. We also recognize that while sometimes it is necessary to get serious about business other times are meant for just having a good time with sisters.

Generosity – As sisters we vow to give to others. We give our time and energy to a variety of philanthropies. The sisters in our house also unselfishly give to each other; whether it is by giving someone a ride to the airport or helping with a homework assignment. Unselfishness allows us to best focus our minds and hearts to others.

Growth – As individuals we must strive to development in many different ways; physically, socially, spiritually and intellectually. We learn and grow while we’re in the house and we also help the house grow. We grow in numbers and by becoming involved in other activities on campus.

Integrity – We dedicate ourselves to many things. It is essential to stick to your word and follow through with what you say you will. Our values are what we adhere to and we follow them daily. And above all honesty is what we value the most.

Learning – We pride ourselves in our high GPA. As sisters, we must meet the minimum requirement of 2.8, however, our cumulative GPA is much higher. We are continuously teaching each other knew things and learning how to be successful and leaders.

Relationships – We are all sisters. We are always here for each other. Finding a sisterhood of friendship is a reason most of us joined. Without friends there is no one to share your good times and bad with. We develop our friendships each and every day with each other and other greeks.

Responsibility – Most sisters in our house hold a leadership position. They create events to make our house more successful. Accountability and making the right decisions help guide us all in the right direction. Each sister can be counted on to do the right thing in any situation.

Enjoyment – As sisters and friends we enjoy being together. We hold sisterhood events that range from dinners to family like competitions. It is fair to say everyone wants to have a good time in college. We do this each day by sharing our interests and just having a good time.


Giving back is a large part of Alpha Sigma Alpha. We give our time, talent, and treasure throughout the year, to those who need it most. The organizations which have a special place in the heart of Gamma Iota are: Special Olympics, Girls on the Run, S. June Smith Center, Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation and IGNITE.


National History

Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority was founded at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia on November 15, 1901. Longwood, which at the time was a teaching school known as the State Female Normal School, was the first college in Virginia established for the higher education of women.

The five founders of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Virginia Boyd Noell, Juliette Hundley Gilliam, Calva Watson Wooton, Louise Cox Carper, and Mary Williamson Hundley established the sorority in order to “cultivating lifelong friendships, and to perform such deeds and to mould such opinions as will tend to elevate and ennoble womanhood in the world.”

Local History

The Gamma Iota Chapter at the Rochester Institute of Technology was founded on May 23, 1964. Before becoming a nationally recognized chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha, we were a local sorority known as Delta Omicron.

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