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Alim Chandani - RITpedia

Alim Chandani was the 30th President of the NTID Student Congress.

Presidential campaign

Nervous anticipation over NSC result.
It turned into a celebration for Daniel Millikin & Alim Chandani who learn of their victory as NSC vice president and president, respectively, for 2000-2001.
Daniel Millikin spoke to the NTID Student Assembly.

Slogan: STORM!

Three Vision Statements

  1. To empower the NTID community with the releasing of energy of every individual towards our greater fulfillment.
  2. To expand the needs among students by increasing their quality of life in their college years.
  3. For us to build better bridges across the NTID/RIT community, it brings unification along with our increased awareness of understanding each other.

To achieve these vision statements, we will define what our “STORM” can do to make that happen.

S- synergy: collaborative/ collective of spirit as a team?

  • Apathy rate is high.
  • Students are not being exposed of what resources we have on campus.
  • Students find nothing that interests them.
  • Too much of “individual” groups on campus.
  • Showing recognition is not enough.

How can we improve on that?

  • By empowering the community more about the resources we have on campus.
  • “Ripple Effect”- where a person has to start a project and spread the ripples out by being verbally, visually, or actively.
  • We will work closely with Quality of Life committee by doing research on variety of students on how to make college life more exciting.
  • We will focus more on the Media relations by updating information frequently. Ideas:
  • NSC web site that will include all of NTID Student organizations that will be able to put their information and updates on their events.
  • Have a strong public relations committee that would be able to create new strategy to attract people’s attention. (To make the committee move motivated in making flyers, posters, and banners, we can have flyer contest that designed the best.)
  • TV- there are three channels on television which is under RIT. Throughout the year, those channels were not being useful. We will see if we can advertise our publicity on television.
  • Set up a newscaster that will be run by NTID students weekly?
  • Hotline services that allow students to speak out of what will satisfied them.
  • Examples of loud spirit we had in NTID community:

  • Hands for Peach Movement
  • NTID Star Search
  • World as One
  • RIT/Gally Pep Rally

We will want to make sure that we will have more of loud spirit events happening next year especially during the winter quarter. Also, we want to keep the traditional events. New Ideas:

  • Ethnic Awareness week
  • Theme Day
  • “House-warming” events that would allow each organization to expose more about their culture.
  • More Deaf sports

T- Teamwork:

  • sense of responsibility of others
  • support each other
  • sharing
  • unity
  • community sense

O– Optimistism:

  • “People deal too much with the negative, with what is wrong… why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?” by Thinch Nhat Hanh.
  • Be positive by showing
  • Encouragement
  • Thoughfulness
  • Being double- positive
  • Role Models
  • more presence of role models
  • give good advices
  • make a good cause/change

Examples: This year, we had about 12 role models that are living in Tower A. The results are great. They have impacted a lot in this community by being positive. The behavior of students in Tower A have been improved so much that caused the judicial status to be reduce.

By showing more role models will impact a lot of students by their personal growth and identity. Also, role models will be sending lots of message related to the awareness of our culture and preparing them for the real world. By loving yourself first will make you feel more enthusiastic by doing anything.

I strongly believe that by having open communication with each other can make the best decisions because it will show a lot of support within each other rather than making decisions as an individual. It will broaden our perspective in different views. Examples: DLN, RA meetings, and NSA.

M- Motivation:

  • creativity
  • constant encouragement
  • novelty
  • expand by publicity
  • support

In conclusion, our main platform will be focusing on unity and spirit!


Executive Board

This section requires expansion.
NTID Student Congress 2000-2001
President Alim Chandani[1]
Senior Vice President Daniel Millikin
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Vice President of Communications
Vice President of Programming
Executive Assistant
Administrative Advisor Karey Pine
RIT/Gallaudet Weekend Chairperson
BrickFest Chairperson
Election Chairperson
Award Chairperson

NSC's Accomplishments


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Hosted or Co-Hosted




  1. Alim Chandani. Globe Reach Out website: Board of Directors. (2011). [1]