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Administrative Support Technology

The AAS program in administrative support technology provides students with opportunities to develop skills needed in processing information using a variety of integrated office software applications as well as appropriate professional interpersonal communication skills. Graduates will input, manipulate, and retrieve data; use interactive office software, e-mail, and information processing skills for applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database; and perform other office duties.

The Associate+Bachelor’s degree program provides students with the foundation needed for transfer into a bachelor’s degree program. Students begin their studies in the associate of applied science program in administrative support technology. Upon successful completion of seven quarters of the AAS program, and with a minimum GPA of 2.5, students may enroll directly to the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies to pursue a bachelor’s degree in applied arts and science. In this program, students may choose a concentration in human resource development. More information is available at

Places of employment

Graduates will find employment in a variety of settings, including business, industry, government, and education. Positions for which graduates qualify include administrative assistant, office assistant, word processor, and secretary.


English: Placement into the College of Liberal Arts’ Writing Seminar (0502-227) course. Students typically enter Writing Seminar with reading scores equivalent to 10.0 on the California Reading Test. However, students who complete AAS degrees typically enter NTID with reading scores equivalent to 9.0 on the California Reading Test.

Mathematics: Mathematics Applications for Business Technology (0884-155) is required. Typically, students entering this program will have completed at least two years of high school mathematics.

Science: Typically, students entering this program will have completed at least two years of high school science.

Administrative support technology, AAS degree, typical course sequence

Course Qtr. Cr. Hrs.

First Year

Orientation to Business 0804-101 3

Business English 0804-110 3

Keyboarding 0804-111 2

OAS Formatting 0804-112 3

OAS Document Production I 0804-113 4

OAS Document Production II 0804-221 4

Records Management/Business Calculations 0804-211 3

Payroll/Spreadsheet Applications 0804-212 3

Fundamentals of Marketing 0804-286 3

Mathematics Elective‡ 3

Freshman Seminar 0887-200 2

Writing Seminar 0502-227 4

Liberal Arts* 8

Deaf Cultural Studies/ASL* 3

Wellness Education† 0

Second Year

Accounting I, II 0801-201, 202 8

Web Development for Business 0805-211 3

Administrative Support Technology Seminar 0804-230 3

Fundamentals of Management 0804-284 3

Advanced Applications for Word Processing 0804-302 4

Business Graphics 0804-303 4

Database Applications for Business 0804-304 4

Liberal Arts* 4

Job Search Process 0806-101 2

Law and Society 0882-242 3

Science (Level B) 3

Cooperative Education 0804-299 Co-op

Third Year

Applied Business Techniques 0804-291 2

Desktop Publishing Concepts and Applications 0804-310 3

Liberal Arts* 4

Employment Seminar 0806-201 1

Capstone* 3

Total Quarter Credit Hours 102

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