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42th Annual NTID Banquet: NTID Entertainment of the Night - RITpedia
N.E.O.N Bash flyer

On Friday, May 10, 2013, NTID Student Congress proudly presents 42nd Annual NTID Banquet! The theme is the NTID Entertainment of the Night or NEON.


  • Introduction
  • Masters of the Ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Awards Announcements
  • Inauguration
  • Closing

NTID Awards Recipients for 2012-2013

Dawan L. Albritton Humanitarian Award for Student

Brittany Comegna (Female) and Alex Van Hook (Male)

Debbye Byrne’s Most Improved Student Awards

Franly-Ulerio Nunez (Male) and Heidi Birchler (Female)

Ellie Rosenfield Outstanding Community Service Award

Barbara McCloud

Humanitarian Awards for Staff

Jeanne Behm (Female) and Michael Stein (Male)

Mr. NTID Award

Robert Dooling

Ms. NTID Award

Maryam Hussein

NTID Student Congress Outstanding Organization Awards

Sigma Sigma Sigma (Greek) and Spectrum (Club)

Outstanding Advocate Award

Michelle "Mich" Gerson

Outstanding Graduating Student Award

Traci Goodrich (Female) and Robert Harris (Male)

Outstanding Interpreting Award

Angela Hauser

Outstanding Interpreting Student Award

Jenna Stein

Outstanding Leadership Award

Wilma Dennis

Outstanding Organization Community Service Award

Sigma Nu

NTID Awards Committee

Awards Committee Members

  1. Rachella Shephard (chairperson)
  2. Christine Heckler (student)
  3. Elyse St. Amand (student)
  4. Alyssa Vela (student)
  5. Stephanie Kiessling (student)
  6. Elizabeth Sterling (student)
  7. Linda Bryant (faculty advisor)