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41th Annual NTID Awards Banquet - RITpedia

On May 5, 2012, NTID Student Congress proudly presents 41st Annual NTID Awards Banquet!


  • Introduction
  • Masters of the Ceremony

Jerrin George & Melissa J. Kielbus

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NTID Awards Recipients for 2011-2012

Dawan L. Albritton Humanitarian Award for Student

Jacqueline Pransky (female) & Jonathan MacDonald (male)

Debbye Byrne’s Most Improved Student Award

Shentara Cobb (female) & Jesse Mendez (male)

Ellie Rosenfield Outstanding Community Service Award

Gerilee Cristina

Humanitarian Awards for Staff

Marcus Holmes (male) & Annemarie Ross (female)

Milo E. Bishop Award for Outstanding NSA Commitment

Deaf International Student Association

Mr. NTID Award

Graham Forsey

Ms. NTID Award

Wilma Dennis

NTID Student Congress Outstanding Organization Awards

Sigma Nu (Greek) & Asian Deaf Club (Club)

Outstanding Advocate Award

Robert Harris

Outstanding Graduating Student Award

Greg Pollock (male) & Lisa Meyer (female)

Outstanding Interpreting Award

Miriam Lerner

Outstanding Interpreting Student Award

Outstanding Leadership Award

Frances Sorrentino

Outstanding Organization Community Service Award

Student Life Team

NTID Awards Committee

Awards Committee Members

  1. Brittany Stanton (chairperson)
  2. Amy Norman (student)
  3. Michelle (student)
  4. Jenna Stein (student)