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36th Annual NTID Banquet program brochure

On April 29th, 2007 NTID Student Congress proudly presents... The 36th Annual NTID Banquet: A Night at the Oscars.


  • Introduction Video
  • Master of the Ceremony

Eyob Zerayesus

  • Opening Remarks

Sarah Gordon and Harold "Kamau" Buchanan

  • Clubs/Organizations Recognition

Sarah Gordon and Harold Buchanan

  • NSA Recognition

Erin Espositio

  • NTID Awards Committee Recognition
  • Nominee Video
  • Awards I
  • Dance Performance

Ganesh Singh and Elena Iskandarova

  • Awards II
  • Pardon The Interruption Video
  • Awards III
  • Performance

Kriston Pumphrey and Maggie McLaughlin

  • Dinner, Dessert and Slideshow
  • Awards VI
  • Pardon The Interruption II Video
  • Awards V
  • Brickfest and RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend Recognition

Kriston Pumphrey, Charles Sterling and Michelle Gerson

  • Election Committee Recognition

Alim Chandani

  • Election Oath

Mia Sanchez and David Spiecker

  • 2006-2007 Year in Review Video

NTID Awards Recepients for 2006-2007

  • Awards I

Milo E. Bishop Outstanding NSA Committment Award presented by David Spiecker

Outstanding Organization Community Service Award presented by Robert Alpern

Wolk & The Doves

  • Awards II

Outstanding Interpreting Award presented by David Krohn

Outstanding Interpreting Student Award presented by Linda Egge

  • Awards III

Humanitarian Award for Staff presented by Anne Van Ginkel and Dr. Larry Quinsland

Dawan L. Albritton Humanitarian Award for Student presented by David Monahan and Nicole Utley

  • Awards IV

Debbye Byrne's Most Improved Student Award presented by David Monahan and Dr. Ellie Rosenfield

Outstanding First Year Student Award presented by Eric Cardenas

NTID Student Congress Outstanding Organization Award (Club/Greek) presented by Sarah Gordon and Kamau Buchanan

NTID Awards Committee

Special Thanks!

"Without the Awards Committee, the NTID Banquet would not be possible. Our banquet is heavily focused on our annual awards. The committee is selected by the NTID Student Assembly through a nomination process.

Once the committee is formed, they make the applications for the nominations of the awards, make flyers for the nominations and they gather all the applications that the community filled out. With the list of nominees, they review the list, considering the criteria for each award. After many grueling hours, they make their decision who wins the award.

And the award goes to... the NTID Awards Committee! Many thanks for their hard work outside of your usual duties to recognize the leaders in our community!"

Awards Committee Members

  1. Astrid Jones (staff)
  2. Dr. Ellie Rosenfield (faculty)
  3. Anne Van Ginkel (staff)
  4. Nicole Utley (student)
  5. Elizabeth Sorkin (student)
  6. David Monahan (student)
  7. Eric Cardenas (student)
  8. Amy Lagleder (student)