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35th Annual NTID Banquet - RITpedia


NTID Awards Recepients for 2005-2006

Humanitarian Award for Staff

Anne Van Ginkel (female) and Thomas Callaghan (male)

Dawan L. Albritton Humanitarian Award for Student

Ali-Ryan McKelvey (male) and Melinda Bobholz (female)

Mr. NTID Award

Christopher Samp

Ms. NTID Award

Abiodun Odunlani

Outstanding Advocate Award

Elizabeth Sorkin

Outstanding Leadership Award

Jamie Perlman

Outstanding Interpreting Award

David Krohn

Outstanding Interpreting Student Award

Jason Vallee

Outstanding Graduating Student

Joseph Fox (male) and Erin Philips (female)

Debbye Byrne's Most Improved Student Award

Sara Haimowitz (female) and Farban M. Haque (male)

NTID Student Congress Outstanding Organization Award (Club/Greek)


Milo E. Bishop Outstanding NSA Committment Award


NTID Awards Committee

Awards Committee Members