African Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans Collegiate Association
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Abbreviation ACA
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President Rosetta Lediard
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AALANA Collegiate Association (abbreviated ACA) is "a major student organization at RIT, whose purpose is to be an inclusive organization that works to change the current status and sustain an awareness of the African American, Latino American and Native American (AALANA) population as being an integral part of the RIT campus and surrounding communities."[1]

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The AALANA Collegiate Association was formerly known as the Black Awareness Coordinating Committee (BACC) until September 2007. The BACC was founded by people of African American descent in an attempt to develop a sense of pride in themselves, their people and their culture, and to create an understanding of the African American identity. BACC evolved to include students of the African American, Latino American, and Native American descents (AALANA), as well as uniting to address the needs of sharing and maintaining an AALANA culture: to the political, economical and social needs of the AALANA people, and to student groups; and to develop a form of learning experiences at RIT. Due to this evolution the BACC changed its name to AALANA Collegiate Association (ACA) to better reflect its broader focus.

Annual Events

Every year AALANA has various events for their community

One of the first events of the year is the Welcome Back Bonanza. This event is where we welcome our incoming freshman while enjoying FREE food, performances, music, and fun!.


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